4 of the Best Dell Laptops – Reviews

Dell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal computers and laptops. The American technology giant made their first ever computer back in 1985 and have grown in strength ever since. They have produced several ranges of laptop including the Latitude, Vostro, Inspiron and XPS. All are unique and offer different specs for different consumer needs.

Below we will share our reviews of the four most recent and popular laptops that have been made by them. This should give you some insight into Dell laptops and which one might be best for you. You can also view other Dell Laptops here.

Lattitude E7450

Dell Lattitude E7450

The Latitude E7450 is sturdy and incredibly lightweight, it only weighs 3.6 pounds. The keyboard is also very responsive and the keys are of a good size. Sound quality is very clear and it has an impressive battery life for a laptop. It has a 14 inch screen and is optimized for Windows 10 with an impressive 265 GB storage. It is available in a matte steel color with black keyboard.
The only negative about this laptop is that the underneath can get extremely hot.

Vostro 15 3549

Dell Vostro 15 3549

This is described on the Dell website as being an affordable laptop for business use, and although this is true, it would benefit all who need a laptop with good storage and which is easily portable. It has 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and an impressive 15.6 inch high definition screen. Available in classic black, it has all the trademark accessories such as an installed camera, back light, built in DVD drive and is Bluetooth enabled. It also has a good battery life and is incredibly lightweight.

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Inspiron 15 5000

dell Inspiron 15 5000

Described as an all-rounder, this Dell laptop has both good and negative qualities. The not so good points include a low resolution screen, coupled with a short battery life. However, there are also lots of positives to this laptop. Its Core 17 processor and use of AMD graphics card is actually very good and the laptop looks the part, with its shiny metallic shell. It is slightly chunky with a 23mm thickness but coupled with this is the fact that it is incredibly sturdy, although a little bit on the heavy side. The screen is an impressive 15.6 inches and a huge bonus is that the touchpad is incredibly sensitive. With 8GB RAM it’s also good value for money.

XPS 13

dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is incredibly slim and lightweight and is reminiscent of the latest MacBook, as it has an oversized screen of 13 inches for the size of machine. It offers all round performance and is incredibly portable. This laptop also looks good with its 3mm bezel around the screen, soft touch keyboard and metallic finish cymbalta 60 mg. Features include a full high definition screen, Core 17 processor, Bluetooth accessibility and 8GB storage.

When it comes to laptop computers, it would seem that Dell have something to suit every need and budget. Their laptops come in a variety of sizes, colors, portability and with differing accessories. Choosing the perfect laptop very much depends on individual need and budget, but it would appear that Dell have a laptop to suit everyone’s budget.

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