An inside look at the Lenovo g50

The Lenovo G50-45 Laptop is one of the best budget laptops currently in the market. As we all understand, buying a budget laptop involves trade-offs, the Lenovo G5, it is no exception.

For around £299, you get a solid quad-core laptop with an excellent display. Though the keyboard and the design are not excellent, the real trade-off lies on the laptops short battery life.


The G50 is not uncomfortable to use or unappealing; it comes in a black plastic case with a glossy bezel look.

On the left edge, it has a VGA port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port. On the right side, you will find headphone and a mic jack, a card reader and another USB 2.0 port.

The laptop measures 15.12 x 10.43 x .98 inches and weighs around 4.6 pounds. In fact, it is one of the lightest budget laptops in the market.

Audio and Display

The screen of the G50-45 packs a 15.6 inch HD display. Being the brightest in its price range with 238 nits of brightness.The 15.6-inch display outputs very clear images compared to other laptops on within the same category.When it comes to audio output, this laptop stands out. You will be able to get a lot of sound by raising the audio bar to 100%.

Keyboard, Webcam and Touchpad

Lenora is usually associated with amazing keyboards.But the G50-45 keyboard does not live up to the exceptions go to this website. Not only is the keyboard scalloped on the bottom, but also all the clicks do not register while typing. This makes the keyboards accuracy very low while typing.The low accuracy is due to the 1.35 millimetres of travel.

The touchpad is also a bit traditional too. It has dedicated mouse buttons instead of the modern touchpad that is clickable.

The Webcam of the Lenovo G50-45 Laptop produces low quality and grainy shot photos since the webcam has low resolution. But once you update the machine to windows ten, the webcam quality will also be updated. The difference in photo quality is too large to attribute to the computers setting.


The laptop is power by a 2 GHz quad core processor with 6gb or ram. The AMD A8-6410 gives the laptop a very impressive performance. It can handle a lot of activities such as streaming videos, Facebook, word processing with ease. The Geekbench performance test that measures the overall performance of computer gave the G50-45 a very good score( 3522) which is above average. Due to the average performance of the laptop, it is not suitable for a gaming machine since it lacks a dedicated graphics card.

Battery Life

The laptop has a very short battery life. It lasts only 4 hours and 22 minutes on the Laptop Mag battery test that involves surfing over WiFi with the screen brightness at its highest.

In conclusion, the Lenovo G50-45 is an affordable laptop with excellent screen display and audio output. However, the battery life is a bit disappointed. This laptop can be recommended only if your budget is very tight.

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