Asus Pro Business Laptop Review

asus laptop

Business laptops are currently high in demand. The new competition in the market is the new ASUS pro laptop which is specifically designed for business users. The Asus pro is versatile in design and performance which is perfect for everyday use. To stay ahead of the competition, Asus has added in some extra features that will wow the buyers.


The new laptop comes with new specs including the latest 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5 and a 3.4 GHz along with an 8 GB RAM. It has a storage space of up to 256 GB which is plenty for saving data, files, movies or apps.


Professionals like to have a sleek yet portable design. The Asus pro is lightweight and portable, finished with a traditional ASUS design. It has a glare-free screen and comes with a scratch resistant display. Unlike other compact laptops, Asus added a full keyboard size that isn’t too cramped and comfortable for typing. The display is 15.6 n size and comes with a full HD resolution.


The laptop is relatively compact with a slim design. However, it comes with the essential ports including a USB, HDMI, VGA with wireless connection for Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth.

Extra Features

Asus pro specifically built in a business manager that helps business owners accomplish their everyday tasks easily and smoothly. It also comes with an impressive battery life that lasts up to a maximum of 9 hours. If you need to back up the battery, the back end can be easily swapped with a new battery. Asus knows the importance of security for business owners, that’s why they’ve added a new security feature by integrating a fingerprint sensor and an enabled security chip.

Overall, ASUS has nailed the features for business owners who are looking to purchase a brand new laptop this year.

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