Asus Pro Business Laptop Review

asus laptop

Business laptops are currently high in demand. The new competition in the market is the new ASUS pro laptop which is specifically designed for business users. The Asus pro is versatile in design and performance which is perfect for everyday use. To stay ahead of the competition, Asus has added in some extra features that will wow the buyers.


The new laptop comes with new specs including the latest 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5 and a 3.4 GHz along with an 8 GB RAM. It has a storage space of up to 256 GB which is plenty for saving data, files, movies or apps.


Professionals like to have a sleek yet portable design. The Asus pro is lightweight and portable, finished with a traditional ASUS design. It has a glare-free screen and comes with a scratch resistant display. Unlike other compact laptops, Asus added a full keyboard size that isn’t too cramped and comfortable for typing. The display is 15.6 n size and comes with a full HD resolution.


The laptop is relatively compact with a slim design. However, it comes with the essential ports including a USB, HDMI, VGA with wireless connection for Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth.

Extra Features

Asus pro specifically built in a business manager that helps business owners accomplish their everyday tasks easily and smoothly. It also comes with an impressive battery life that lasts up to a maximum of 9 hours. If you need to back up the battery, the back end can be easily swapped with a new battery. Asus knows the importance of security for business owners, that’s why they’ve added a new security feature by integrating a fingerprint sensor and an enabled security chip.

Overall, ASUS has nailed the features for business owners who are looking to purchase a brand new laptop this year.

Top Lightweight Laptops

macbook air

MacBook Air
The Macbook Air weighs as much as a netbook coming in at 1.4 kg but unlike a netbook, it has a much bigger screen, around 13.3 inches. Apple products are noted for their high-quality items as well as a hefty price tag. The hard drive is a generous 256 GB and operates on a Mac OS X. The newest version of the MacBook Air was made available in June 2012.

Asus Zenbook
Available since May 2012, the Asus Zenbook is on the expensive side. It only weighs 1.3kg due to its ultra thin frame and the screen is 13.3 inches. It runs on an i7 core processor and operates using Windows 7 Home Edition Premium. Users enjoy fast processing speeds and excellent picture quality.

HP Envy Spectre
The HP Envy Spectre is only 1.3 kg despite its large, 14-inch screen. The price may not suit those on a budget but its fast processing speeds and long battery life are a hit with many users. It has a built-in webcam that displays quality images as well as built-in Bluetooth.

Toshiba Satellite
The Toshiba Satellite is more budget friendly than most new computers. Released in June 2012, the Satellite weighs in at 1.58 kg weight and has a 14-inch screen. The Satellite also comes equipped with three USB ports, SRS Premium Sound 3D and Bluetooth. It boasts 9 hours of battery left when unplugged and runs on Windows 7 Edition Home Premium.

Sony Vaio Notebook
The Sony Vaio Notebook is on the cheaper side of laptops. With a weight of 2.3 kg and a screen size of 13.9 inches, the Vaio was made for travel. The Vaio Notebook was made available at the end of July 2012. It has a whopping 500 GB hard drive and runs on Windows 7 Premium. The average battery life for the Vaio is 7 hours and Adobe Photoshop Elements comes pre-installed on the computer. The best lightweight laptops are usually in the form of netbooks. However, there are some regular sized laptops that are lightweight but these will be more expensive than a netbook.

Best Lightweight Budget Laptops

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Nobody wants to carry around a heavy laptop to work or school. Lightweight laptops make travelling and commuting easier. Netbooks are considered to be the lightweights of the computing world but they can have just as much power as a regular sized laptop.

In today’s economy, a budget is everything. Buying a laptop can certainly stretch that budget but with a lightweight laptop that is not a problem. There are many cheap laptops for sale out there if you find a quality supplier. Sometimes a refurbished or used system is a better option if you do not want to spend too much cash. Listed below are some lightweight laptops that will fit anyone’s budget.

Acer Aspire
The Acer Aspire costs one-third of the price of a normal laptop. Weighing in at 1.2 kg the Acer Aspire can do just about anything a regular laptop can do. It has a 15.6-inch screen with 640 GB of memory. The battery can only last about 3 hours without the power cord. The Aspire also has a built-in webcam and runs on Windows 7 Premium.

HP Mini
Like its full-sized counterpart, the HP Mini is an excellent computer. This budget friendly computer has a 10.1-inch screen and weighs 1.4 kg. It only has 320 GB of storage space but can last up to 9 hours without the help of its power cord. Even though the HP Mini is small, the keyboard feels just like a regular sized one. The HP Mini comes in several different colours including turquoise and pink.

Samsung Netbook
The Samsung Netbook will not break the bank and comes equipped with a 10.1-inch screen, 1.6 GHz processing speed and a 1.3 kg weight. Users enjoy the top quality graphics display as well as fast speeds. The display is LED which is energy efficient and allows the Samsung Netbook to last up to nearly 11 hours. The Samsung Netbook is designed to withstand drops and falls and is very sturdy.

Toshiba Netbook
The Toshiba Netbook will appeal to anyone on a budget due to its reasonable price. Its 1.1 kg weight and 10.1-inch screen size make the Toshiba Notebook an excellent lightweight laptop. The Toshiba Netbook has a reasonable amount of space coming in at 250 GB. It also comes equipped with an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi capabilities so users can stay connected wherever they are.

Which is the best notebook computer


When you ask yourself, which are the best notebooks on the market today, you have to consider many things to come to a conclusion. You can always argue that the most expensive notebook would be the best. However, this is not the case. You have to figure out the purpose for your investment. A few reasons why you would need a notebook can be for gaming, business, web browsing or writing.

Apple and HP notebook computers are the first alternatives that we can go over. These rank among some of the best computers on the market today. One of the reasons that you can place these laptops in this group is because of their versatility and dependability. Whether you are looking for a computer that does gaming or business work beautifully, Apple and HP will have more than enough memory ram, processing speeds and a reliable operating system. Some Apple computers will even have the options of switching from a Windows operating system to their own.

When you are shopping for your computers, you always want to look at the processing speed, type of processor, operating system, memory ram and hard drive capacity. By doing this, you will be able to balance out what you really need to get the job done, which can save you money by not getting something you don’t need. We can go over a couple of other notebooks that are bestsellers on the market today.

Toshiba and Samsung also belong atop some of the best notebooks, which you will find at your local electronics store. You can also browse the Internet to find your selections of Toshiba and Samsung notebooks. One of the advantages that come with the Toshiba notebooks is that their battery life is great, which is also a vital feature on any portable computer. The Samsung computers will have an excellent screen resolution and a long-lasting performance that can have you working at your computer for many hours.

The Differences Between Notebook Computers And Laptops

The differences between a notebook and a laptop are subtle but still there. You can decide on which one to invest in by doing your cons and pros list. This can save you time and money when you go shopping for one or the other. We can start looking at an overview of both to get a better sense of the many different characteristics, which makes laptops and notebooks unique. One of the main distinctions that notebooks will have is their lightweight features.

Although the laptop is also portable, notebooks will beat a laptop when it comes to portability. Notebooks are great for those on-the-go business employees. They offer a long-lasting battery life, along with entertainment features as well. It is usually thin and small, which is excellent for carrying it anywhere you go. A few of the reasons why these notebooks are so lightweight is because they will not come equipped with an internal floppy disk drive, CD-ROM or a DVD-Rom drive. Its screen will also be limited to a small size, which can range from 12 inches to 14 inches long.

The laptop, on the other hand, does have extra features that will add to its weight. You will be able to rest your laptop right on your lap when you are doing work, playing a game or just browsing the Internet. Although notebooks have the capability of going on the Internet, just like the laptop, you might have better alternatives with a laptop. Unlike notebooks, a laptop will come integrated with a CD-Rom and DVD-Rom drive. However, nowadays, you will quickly find that a laptop will not have the option of an integrated floppy disk drive.

In the end, the choice is yours, but both are good investments. You can decide by doing research online, so you can do a comparison of notebooks and a laptop. Moreover, although both do have many differences, there are also many similarities, such as their portability and user-friendly interface. You can also expect to have great keyboard features on notebooks and on any laptop, you might choose. Just make sure to consider every aspect of each one before you make your final decision.